Friday, 23 August 2013

My Toque Climbed Rinjani

My toque, mittens, fleece jacket, down jacket, running tights, and thermal under layer shirt climbed Mount Rinjani on Lombok but I haven't made it there yet.  Yesterday, Martin and Alina, two divers who were diving with Blue Marlin returned from a three day, two night trek up the dormant volcano, Rinjani. I met Martin on the dive boat one afternoon and offered to lend him my warm clothing so that he and Alina could do the trek.  They had brought only shorts and summer clothing on vacation but the top of Rinjani is very windy and at 3000m elevation gets quite cold (0 C).  They are a very sweet couple, and when they returned they showed me their photos and brought back my clothing they gave me more than enough money to have everything laundered and to buy myself a massage (their suggestion) in return for lending them the gear.  I still hope to make the trek myself so I am glad to hear about their experience and to have experienced clothing with me ;)
More Gili Trawangan scenery
Hard to imagine hiking up from sea level to 3000m and from +30C to 0C!

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