Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cambodian Water Village

After a lazy rainy morning, the weather improved dramatically and Sambun, our fearless Tuk Tuk driver drove us to see a water village to the southwest of Siem Reap.  We took a boat ride to a water village to see how people live, we also got to have a swim in the lake and watch the sunset before heading back to town.
Claire, Katie, and Sambun
No problem, I'll drive today!
Rice fields, water buffalo, and a bicycle...CLASSIC!
These Water Buffalo know how to stay cool
We brought our own refreshments for the boat ride
Sambun pointing out the Pagoda.  During high water times, the stilts are submerged and only the roof sticks out.
When school let out there were a mass of school children piled onto these small boats paddling home. One is even getting a start on his homework in the back of the boat!
They teach them to drive young.  Just kidding, his mum is in the front of the boat with a paddle.
More school kids paddling home
Monk getting a ride home.  He may have been teaching at the school (not sure)
Cat nap
Typical home in the water village
Claire after a swim in the lake
Katie post-swim
Me post-swim

Lovely sunset over the lake
Water village at night

The tuk tuk ride back was magical as fireflies lit up over the rice fields and alongside the road.  Another lovely day in Cambodia.

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