Friday, 24 May 2013

My Giant To Do List

You wouldn't believe how much work and organization is involved in leaving your home country for a year!  I feel like I have brought more stress on myself with this decision to get away from stress than I ever experienced while working.  Hopefully it will be short lived and I will be able to let go once all my affairs are tidied up and I'm out of the country.

Things to do if you want to step off the treadmill:
* Get a will, power of attorney, and enduring power of attorney drafted up by a lawyer
* Arrange with CRA to have your mail directed to someone responsible who is willing to do your taxes for you while you are away (thanks Dad!)
* Talk to your bank so someone at home can help you if you are in a bind and your bank card gets eaten, your Visa stops working or is stolen etc.
* Get an international driver's license
* Ensure that your ID, passport, and credit cards won't expire before you get back
* Store your household items and furniture - Anyone know where I can buy a Seacan?... no... seriously... I need a 40' Seacan!
* Rent out your house - and deal with all the associated headaches that go along with this including showing the house, signing up tenants, cancelling utilities, changing property insurance, fixing all the little things around the place that you've been neglecting, scheduling carpet cleaning, duct and fireplace cleaning etc. and packing, cleaning, and being generally disrupted
* Find a place to store all your "immediate" needed things in case you come back to town or want a favorite clothing item mailed to you... Thanks Trevor's mom!
* Find a place to store your items of sentimental value, for example your rock collection... Thanks Chris & Jenny!
* Sell all the crap that you aren't attached to or that isn't worth storing - Thanks Kijiji!

And finally...

Deal with the "stress rash" which has broken out on your arms in response to all this fun and freedom ;)

I can't wait until my list looks more like this:

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