Friday, 12 July 2013

Floods, Rashes, and Bicycles

We had a ridiculous rain storm here last night that flooded the streets to over a foot of water.  It was kind of fun wading home after a party at Blue Marlin.  Today, only a few large puddles remain.

The antibiotics seem to be starting to clear up my weird rash so I'm headed back into the ocean tomorrow at 9am for a dive :)

I had a lovely day planned today... biking around the island...until my bike broke, yet again, this time it was really serious since the derailer bent upwards, twisted the chain, and ended up in between the bike spokes!  I limped the bike to the bike repair shop and gave the fellow there a piece of my a nutshell; "you sold me a garbage bike that was on the verge of breaking 2 weeks ago and now I want it properly fixed or replaced, I don't want to come back here for another repair in two days!".  After some negotiation, he swapped all the good components (basket, pedals, kickstand) from my old bike to a new bike frame for $15.  So far, much better than the old bike.  knock on wood.

After the ordeal of trading up my bike, I swapped my only fiction book for a new book at the Hostel, found a nice spot for lunch (a Tempeh burger and a fresh coconut/banana juice), read my new book, then biked around the island asking door to door at dive shops to find out names, numbers, and how many litres of oxygen they all have.  This is to create an emergency assistance plan booklet as part of the requirements for my Divemaster training.  Overall a nice day with some lovely scenery.

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