Thursday, 11 July 2013

Traveller Taken out by Tropical Disease?

Calling all Doctors!  I've developed a rash of large water blisters on my hand and back with a few isolated blisters on my leg and arm.  I've been to the travel medical clinic and was told that its an allergic reaction to something...not sure what.  They prescribed an antihistamine and antibiotics (oral and topical) to prevent infection.  The doctors advice: "Don't scratch and keep it clean". It's pretty hard to keep anything "clean" in the tropics but as a start, I'm planning to lay low and not dive for a few days to allow my newest strange skin condition time to clear up without the constant threat of infection from the pool, the gear room, and the ocean.  I'm hoping that with a few days in drydock and taking my meds will show enough improvement that i can hit the water again.  Wish me luck!

My right shoulder blade...what the hell is this?!?!?

Chrissie was worried It might be contagious so she kicked me out of our shared room (I don't blame her, this rash looks horrible!).  I've moved into my own room at the same homestay (about 30 steps away from my old room) now and have a lovely garden view with chickens and bananas right outside my door.

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